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Caishen MicroGrants

Catalyzing income-generating projects.

Every month we will give out small sums of money (N20,000 to N100,000) to individuals to start income-generating projects or businesses.

We believe that every little contribution helps, and everyone should have an opportunity to build a decent life regardless of their socio-economic background.

Our grants recipients will be targeted through our social media platforms that provide free financial and business literacy content.


  1. Follow @caishencapital on Instagram to see monthly announcements

  2. Apply via

  3. Winners will be selected based on criteria communicated via the announcement

  4. Winners will be contacted via details provided in application

  5. Winners will be announced


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Interested in donating or partnering with us to give out more grants?


Email us at

Frequently asked questions

When is the recipient expected to repay the grant?

Caishen MicroGrants are free and not expected to be repaid. Ever.

How much is the grant?

The amount would vary from month to month but will be between N20,000 and N100,000

Are there specific purposes for use of the grant funds?

The grants are intended to be used for specific initiatives to help the recipient earn income. Examples are to purchase tools or equipment; purchase inventory for sale; or pay for a training to enable the recipient earn income in the short term.

How do you verify what the applicant submits?

Sometimes, our team conducts relevant background information on the applicant to determine eligibility. A variety of methods may be employed to verify applications.

How do we learn about available MicroGrants?

Applicants must be following our social media accounts (@caishencapital) for notifications.

Is there an application fee for Caishen MicroGrants?

No. Caishen will never request for payment for you to qualify or receive a MicroGrant.

How will winners receive the cash grant?

Winners will be required to provide Nigerian bank accounts in their own names to receive the funds.

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